Using Your Swingpack+

Having everything at your fingertips, while being hands free, has never been this easy. Check out all of the ways our Swingpack+ will keep you chic and organized on the go.



No more toys, no more blankets, no more bottles! Hallilujah! It’s time to get back to basics - carry just what you need and find it just where you need it. Your Swingpack+ allows you to pick up your own essentials and pack them neatly alongside your little one's diaper changing needs, so you're always ready to grab it and go. 

Diapers, wipes, creams and clothes. Keys, cards/money, lip gloss and your cell phone. Your Swingpack+ will take you everywhere you need to go with everything you need to be there. This crossbody bag will take you everywhere through the years, from lunch to errands to travel. 




You know who you are. You’re the minimalist mom! You know how to pare down everything until you’re left with just the essentials. No clutter, no bulky bags, no extra “stuff” weighing you down. There was never a day where you’d be the one schlepping a big bulky diaper bag if you didn’t need to.  

Pull Ups, wipes, underwear and extra clothes. Check! Wallet, keys, lip gloss and your cell phone. Check! It carries all of your essentials - plus everything you need for your potty training toddler - at hand and discreet in your stylish crossbody purse. Once your little one is fully potty trained, you can reclaim more of your purse real-estate and STILL be ready with an extra change of clothes for anything life throws at your little one. 




We believe in versatility that goes well beyond the stages our little ones are in. It's why we created our Swingpack+ to be ultra stylish, extremely organized, and just the right size to carry everything that belongs to you. 

Whether you're heading out without your little ones - or they have outgrown it - this is guaranteed to be your new favourite crossbody bag. It may look small, but you'll be surprised by just how much it actually holds. Pop in your full size wallet and you'll still have plenty of room for everything else including your makeup bag, glasses, phone, hand cream, snacks - don't stop! This purse is designed by women for women to use when in mommy mode, and when you're just your cool self.

Use #ELARILOVE to tell us how you use it and why you love it - just don’t let it gather dust in your closet!