How do I use it? 
Where do we start? You can use it to carry your baby’s diaper changing essentials; you can use it for your potty training toddler (holds a change of clothes, extra underwear etc.); as a makeup case if you 
don’t have kids; or as a cosmetic case for travel.

Why would I use it?
Why wouldn’t you? The uses are limitless! You can use it as an insert to your diaper bag, simply leave your bag with your friends or family and grab your Diaper Wallet when you head to the washroom for a diaper change! Less to carry, it will sit with baby on the change table and nothing has to touch the gross floor or counter! You can give it to your nanny stuffed with baby’s essentials for the day. You can pass it off to your parents or in-laws when they take your baby for the day or night. Pack it up with diapers and a change of clothes and leave it in your child’s cubby at school in case of accidents. Shall we go on? Now it’s your turn to teach us new ways to use it!

I have a diaper bag, do I need it?
Yep, you sure do! There are times you don’t need a diaper bag, and more importantly times when you just don’t feel like shlepping something so big. If you’re already onto baby number two, then you know what we’re talking about. You’ve already been stuffing diapers into your purse and using ziplock bags to hold wipes.

What can it fit?
What can’t fit in it? We all know the expression, tiny and mighty, well there's no better way to describe the Diaper Wallet. Check out our pics to see all the ways you can stuff your Wallet and the many different items it can hold. Though the Wallet seems small, it’s generous in its ability to hold plenty! Whether you’re packing it up for the day for your child’s diaper changing needs, your toddlers potty training essentials, or your own makeup retouches - you’ll be surprised at just how far this Wallet can take you!

Does it fit all diaper sizes?
It sure does! Don't worry, bigger diapers aren't a challenge for your diaper wallet. Simply fold down part of the waist band to ensure they fit neatly in the diaper pocket - you will still be able to carry at least three with you.

Who would want it?
Who wouldn’t want it? We created this product with moms in mind but quickly learned that grandparents love it and find it useful, nannies love it, and even nursery schools appreciate how organized it keeps your child. The Diaper Wallet makes a perfect baby shower gift for new moms-to-be who are just learning the tricks of mommy hood as well as for second and third-time moms who already seem to have everything. It’s a great gift for grandmothers (both old and new), and even for Aunts or uncles (although for men we suggest the silver and not the pink). The Wallet would make a thoughtful gift for a sick relative or friend who’s had an extended stay in hospital, or for a parent, friend or grandparent with incontinence issues to keep their own needs discreet. Because the Diaper Wallet can be used as so much more than we ever imagined, we know there are no limits to the number of people who would appreciate it as a gift.

Can I wash it?
Yes! And please do. We know that even the best attempts to keep our stuff totally clean never works entirely and that things get dirty. All our Uptown Collection wallets are machine washable along with their change pads. We recommend using a lingerie bag to wash the items in and to wash in cold water (no bleach) on the delicate cycle. Don't forget to remove the wristlet and wipes case! Our Downtown Collection is completely wipeable on the outside and the change pads can be washed in your machine. Please don't put any of these items in the dryer, simply lay them out flat to air dry.