Stylish & Oh So Functional!

The ELARI Diaper Wallet is stylish and so functional, we always recommend it as an essential piece for every urban mom. Gone are the days of bulky and overflowing diaper bags!

Linda, Owner of Love Me Do Baby & Maternity, Toronto



I got my Elari diaper wallet recently and to be honest I don’t really know how I lived without it. It is AMMMAZING! It fits absolutely everything I need. Currently I store 4 diapers, vaseline, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and a change of underwear for my older daughter. I love it because it is very practical, fashionable and easy on the go. I also LOVE having my favorite purse back. I was getting really sick and tired of carrying around big bulky diaper bags. It was time my purses made it out of storage again and the Elari allows me to do just that. It is very small and compact and fits in all medium to large size purses. I also believe the Elari diaper wallet makes a great gift for a close friend or a co-worker. Awesome awesome purchase.

Angelina, Maple


Fantastic storage solution for parents of kids with anaphylaxis.

Fantastic product for parents whose kids have anaphylactic allergies. I could easily fit two epi-pens (and Benadryl) inside creating an easy solution to transferring the epi-pens from diaper bag to purse to back pack without a second thought. I had peace of mind that by simply grabbing my Elari wallet I had everything I needed, including everyday essentials well beyond the diaper years, in one organized place without having to repack every time. Great time (and space) saver! Six stars!!

- Pam, Vaughan


Love It!

I bought my diaper wallet because I wanted something compact to hold all of my babies "stuff" in rather than lugging around a huge bag. Honestly - it's been so nice to have everything I need in a small and really pretty wallet! It fits in my purses which is exactly what I wanted. I definitely recommend it.

Julia, Richmond Hill


Must-Have for Every Mama!

People always laughed when they saw me with a baby just holding my baby and purse in hand. The question always was "where is your diaper bag?" My response was "I don't want to carry such a big heavy bag around everywhere I go so I stuffed all my diapers and accessories in my own purse which of course took up all the space not leaving me much room for myself. And suddenly Boom! A friend told me about this classy diaper wallet. She sent he the link and instantly I wanted one ASAP! This was brilliant! It's stylish, compact, and allows you to have everything needed for your baby in one lightweight diaper wallet! This is a must have for every mother out there!!!

Tammy, Toronto


This diaper wallet is fabulous! I never leave home without it. Even my husband is happy to carry it around when he has the kids. Its super convenient, as all of the baby changing items are in one place. Very often I leave my large diaper bag at home and take just take my Diaper Wallet - as a small change of clothes fits inside it too! I highly recommend it.

Tanya, Toronto


The ELARI Diaper Wallet has pretty much replaced my diaper bag which is awesome. Now I can take my regular purse and the ELARI Wallet and off I go. No more big clunky bags! Awesome invention and not to mention the customer service is great! A definite necessity and a great gift idea!!

Jen, Vaughan